We provide a multivitamin and mineral supplement for men who live busy and stressful lives

Healthy Gentleman provide a unique multivitamin and supplement specifically for men.

Provides nutrition for the prostate - Promotes a healthy heart.

Helps maintain a youthful lifestyle.

Supports a healthy immune system


We help you rise to the occasion

I have worked for 11 years as a Financial Consultant and 15 years as a social worker. I feel I have been able to gain a clear understanding of the pressures, stresses and strains of modern living. 
Healthy Gentleman aims to help men overcome the stresses of modern living.



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8 Parkways Court, Oulton, LS26 8TR
United Kingdom

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Mattie H - Technician


Great Product - Highly Recommend

Really good service and really good quality product, I work in a job that requires long days at the office and trips around the country and have seen a massive increase in my energy levels since I have begun taking. Would highly recommend